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"... your professionalism was second to none. You worked for us above and far beyond our expectations."

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"I have found them to be not only reliable, efficient, timely and extremely thorough in their work, but also very professional in their conduct.

I have recommended All Suburb Valuers on numerous occasions to my clients and have always received positive feedback and as such I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them again."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I obtain a valuation? >

Why should I use your services in preference to others? >

What is a valuer? >

How much does a valuation cost?>

How long does it take?>

What is involved in the valuation process ?>

Why should I obtain a valuation?

There are many situations in which you may require a valuation, including:

In these and other situations, where an accurate appraisal of the value of a property is necessary, the services of a registered property valuation professional is the only choice.

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Why choose us?

From the moment you first contact us, it will be clear that you are speaking with a partner. Have you ever been frustrated when dealing with someone who wasn't able to answer your questions, and who wasn't particularly interested in your business. You certainly won't find that with us. In dealing with us, you will very quickly realise that we take great pride in offering excellent service.

You will also be pleased to know that our prices are very competitive and your valuation will be complete within a few days.

Family law specialists trust us to deal with their clients in a sensitive manner at a difficult time. Property investors rely on us to help them maximise their tax return.

Contact us to request a quote and you will see why our clients affirm recommend us.

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What is a valuer?

A Certified Practicing Valuer is a professional who has been educated and trained to determine the value of property independently as well as provide expert advice on property related matters. The requirements to become a Certified Practicing Valuer in Victoria are quite stringent, involving the completion of a 4 year Bachelor of Business degree, 2 years full time actual valuation work experience and then finally a formal oral examination in front of a board of assessors.

Once this process has been successfully completed, individuals become members of the Australian Property Institute and are able to undertake valuations as a registered Certified Practicing Valuer. After admittance to the Australian Property Institute, members are required to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics/Code of Practice.

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How much does a valuation cost?

For our standard valuation report on a residential property, an investment of a few hundred dollars is minor when compared with property transaction costs and tax.

Contact us to obtain a quote for your project.

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How long does a valuation take to complete?

Our typical turnaround time for a detailed Valuation Report can be within 2 days from the date of inspection. Verbal advice can usually be given within a day of inspection.

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What is involved in the valuation process?

The following steps are involved in a property valuation:

1. Obtain preliminary information

We obtain information from the client and local council as to the age, construction and size of your building and land and any improvements.

2. Market research

We investigate what comparable properties have sold recently within the area.

Comparison is the premier tool in arriving at a valuation. We maintain a number of sales and rental databases at our office and we search these, given a number of variables such as type of property, location and date of sale to produce a comparable list of sales. Typically we only use sales that have occurred within 6 months prior to the date of valuation.

3. Property Inspection

We measure both the building and land size as well as take detailed notes on aspects of the property, including

4. Inspection of comparable sales

After our inspection we will then externally inspect all of the comparable sales within our list obtained earlier at the office. Some of these properties are discounted as they may not really be comparable for a number of reasons, such as differing style, construction type, land size etc.

5. Discussion with selling agents and council

We then speak to the selling agents of each of the properties that we believe are most comparable to the subject property. From the selling agent we will obtain details such as number of rooms, condition of building improvements as well as other factors affecting its sale price. We then confirm both the building and land size of each of these comparable sales with your local council.

6. Photographic analysis

We also subscribe to a number of sources allowing us to view internal photographs of many sold properties within Victoria (obtained from the selling brochures).

All this information allows us to accurately compare your property with those properties sold within the immediate vicinity and forms the basis of how we arrive at your valuation amount.

7. Detailed report

It should now be evident that a large volume of information, and considerable time is involved in the valuation process. Considerable professional experience and judgment is required, and in choosing a valuation firm, caution is advised.

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